Fundraisers – Past & Present

The two main purpose’s of Dylan’s Quest are to raise money for Leukodystrophy Krabbe Disease Research, and to promote disease awareness whenever we can. We are fully affiliated with, and completely support, the United Leukodystrophy Foundation and the work that it does for Krabbe and all the Leukodystrophies. ALL of the monies raised by Dylan’s Quest thru these various fundraising efforts go to The ULF Research Endowment Fund.  Shown are some of the many fundraisers we have had, and some that we continue to run. Since our beginning to date, we have raised a little over $14,750.00 for Krabbe Disease Research.

Dance_poster_2013 Dance poster 2012 Dylans Quest For The Cure _ Settlers Ridge _ Feb 2013 dylan_2_band_postercottonpark cottontrail wallyworldBob evans flyerDance poster 2011


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